Lucy Osburn

Lucy Osburn, a Lady Displaced: Florence Nightingale’s Envoy to Australia

lucy-osburn Lucy Osburn (1836-91) was sent to Sydney by Florence Nightingale to reform nursing in Australia. Thanks to her immense resilience, Lucy Osburn eventually succeeded despite considerable mistakes that led to her being repudiated by Florence Nightingale. When Lucy Osburn founded modern nursing in Australia, she also pioneered the employment of high status professional women in public institutions. In this biography, Lucy Osburn’s extensive and frank correspondence is used to build an intriguing picture of life for an independent middle-class woman. Her triumphs and trials in NSW typify the struggles the colony faced in its relations with Britain, and with new roles in the workplace for women. “High politics, high drama and occasionally high jinks that makes this such a riveting read”  Professor Anne Marie Rafferty  Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery King’s College, London


ISBD –  9781920898397 Publisher  –  Sydney University Press Published  –  2006 Length  – 276 Pages Notes  –  Includes bibliographical references and index.


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Launch of Book

The book was launched by the NSW Governor,  Dame Marie Roslyn Bashir AD, CVO, on 9th September 2006 at The Mint, Macquarie Street, Sydney.
LO launch
Judith and the NSW Governor Dame Marie Roslyn Bashir AD, CVO at the launch of Lucy Osburn.