This is an innovative family website developed in collaboration with Tom & Therese Murray-Prior and John Cameron. It documents the Murray-Prior family before Thomas Lodge Murray-Prior left England for Australia in 1838. It then traces the family as it spread around Queensland and NSW as well as those members who returned to the UK.
The website documents the family up until the current generations’ grandparents, focusing on the unbroken line (since 1773) of Thomas Murray-Priors. It explores all aspects of the family’s impact, its successes as well as failures. It demolishes myths perpetuated online and illuminates key issues in Australian history. Some of these issues are: the impact of changing fertility; the growing awareness of women’s rights; colonial family life; the invasion of Aboriginal lands; physical and mental health; literature and the arts; land dealing; and the colonial propensity to reinvent their family identity.
The website has a large number of photographs of individuals, groups and artefacts which illuminate the family history and its context. As it offers an overview of the family and the society in which they lived, it provides a correction to published views about family members which have been based on a narrow sampling of the evidence.  To access the website click on